Som Ting Wong

For my Master’s project called “Som Ting Wong” I work with several elements of advertising, such as humour, bright colours, the woman as an object, surrealism, magic, text and slogans, beauty, glamour, aesthetics and references to religion or famous artists. It is not my intention to make real advertisements, but I want to create my own world by using those elements.

I consider my work not as functional, but it balances on the thin line between the artistic and commercial world.

Many thanks to all models: Floor Donckers, Lotte Donckers, Kobe Donckers, Kelly Peeters, Hanne Willekens, Ragna Eilers, Anke Zwaenepoel, Annemie Decommer, Koen Severens, Doorke Vandekerckhove, Selina Van Vaerenbergh, Karolien Gits, Annelies Gits, Valerie De Naeyer, Kim Kapers, Ellis Roudasev,  Elvi Feifei, Caro Vanmol and Hanne Dom.